What Does Total Joint Surgery Mean?

What Does Total Joint Surgery Mean?

Total joint surgery is a surgical technique that involves removing portions of an arthritic or diseased joint and replacing them with a prosthesis made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. The prosthesis is made to mimic the motion of a typical, healthy joint. Wear, strain, injury, and illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis can cause stiffness and pain, making moving difficult. In 2011, about one million total joint replacement procedures were performed in the United States, with the number, continually increasing as surgeons gain experience with the surgery. Eminent Medical Center’s doctors have done many Total joint replacement surgeries, so patients can be confident in completing this procedure effectively.

Joint pain and restricted mobility, regardless of the reason, can have a substantial influence on one’s quality of life. Your doctor may recommend you see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss joint replacement possibilities if your symptoms escalate and make it more difficult to enjoy life. Eminent Medical Center in Richardson, TX comes highly recommended from doctors around the metroplex and can help you determine if total joint surgery is for you. Our surgeons use sophisticated treatment techniques to improve the surgery outcomes, increase mobility and reduce overall pain. Our mission is to help you get back to living life to the fullest.

When is Total Joint Surgery Recommended?

Joint discomfort and impairment can be caused by various disorders, prompting the patients to seek joint replacement surgery. In many cases, the cartilage around our patients’ joints becomes destroyed, and the tissues around the joints become inflamed whether they are wounded, sick, or simply getting older. The cartilage wears away over time, allowing the rough edges of the bones to scrape against one another, producing even greater agony. Our surgeons often repair minor damage, but in more severe cases, total joint surgery is required.

Your doctor may prescribe complete joint replacement if non-surgical treatments such as activity changes and medicine do not relieve your pain and incapacity. The complete joint technique has been shown to enhance early outcomes and reduce recovery time, allowing patients to resume regular activities.

Why Choose Eminent Medical Center?

Since we perform hip replacement surgery from the front, we cause minor injury to critical muscles, have less postoperative pain, recover faster, and have a lower risk of hip dislocation. We hope you will trust our well-regarded team of surgeons and specialists to discuss your options, devise a treatment plan and get you back to feeling your best.

With three operating rooms and five private patient rooms, Eminent Medical Center is a 26,000 square foot licensed hospital and prime treatment destination in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You are taking the first critical step toward wellness by considering us as a treatment option. For professional orthopedic surgery in Richardson TX, contact us today. Our brand new, cutting-edge facility offers more than just treatment. It provides a healthcare experience. Eminent Medical Center is a physician-owned and operated full-service hospital in Richardson, Texas.

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