What is Mako SmartRobotics™

What is Mako SmartRobotics™

Mako SmartRobotics™ is a cutting-edge solution for people struggling from excruciating knee or hip arthritis. It is an advanced, surgeon-controlled robotic arm system that enables a surgeon to perform joint replacement surgery accurately and precisely. Mako’s development was driven by surgeon feedback, leading to numerous clinical studies that have proven the accuracy and safety of using Mako for total joint replacement procedures. You should have an orthopedic surgery in Richardson TX for your joints replacement if near or around the area.

Mako total knee replacement removes diseased cartilage and bone and replaces them with metal and plastic components that form a new, artificial joint. Mako resurfacing hip replacement only removes damaged cartilage and bone at the end of the femur, preserving healthy bone and ligaments. The surgeon recreates the smooth surface of the joint, replacing it with a metal shell. This helps maintain range of motion.

It works by using a CT scan of your knee to create a three-dimensional model of the joint. The surgeon uses this model to create a personalized pre-operative plan for your procedure. Then, during your surgery, the Mako System helps guide the surgeon in executing the pre-planned surgical procedure by allowing only movements within the pre-operative plan’s boundaries. It works by building a virtual 3D model of an individual’ anatomy. This allows the surgeon to perform a more accurate procedure and evaluate different surgical options better.

The surgeon aligns the Mako robotic arm to the 3D model and pre-operates on this image during surgery. It provides the surgeon with data and feedback, which allows them to personalize each procedure based on the patient’s anatomy; hence it gives a more predictable surgical experience that offers you a new level of precision. You might even notice a speedy recovery and resume normal duties in no time. It also identifies bony landmarks and soft tissues in real-time during surgery to help prevent any accidental damage to these structures.

Mako can also prevent over-resection of bone from occurring, which can lead to instability and revision surgery and helps to improve alignment and stability of the implant for a better fit, which in turn provides a more natural feeling and greater range of motion.

It is only available at select hospitals nationwide and is used by surgeons who have been specially trained in the Mako System. Find a hospital near you to learn more about Mako or talk with your doctor about whether Mako is right for you.

After your surgery, your doctor will teach you about physical therapy and rehabilitation activities that will help restore strength and motion in your new knee or hip joint.

The future of medicine looks promising when you consider the advancements that have been made in surgery and patient recovery. These advancements include minimally invasive techniques, robotics, and the power of AI. Mako is one company leveraging these three innovations to improve outcomes by developing new surgical methods. This intraoperative guidance helps a surgeon plan the surgery on a computer before entering the operating room. In essence, Mako’s smart robotics technology can make you better faster by helping perform surgery like a robot while allowing you to recover like a person.

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