What is recovery like after Shoulder Surgery?

What is recovery like after Shoulder Surgery?

A should surgery can be a big deal. Your shoulder is a critical part of your regular movements and provides flexibility and ability. Indeed, the pace of healing from shoulder surgery depends on several factors, including the type of surgical procedure you had, the risk of complications, persistence in adhering to physician’s instructions, and more. But whether it is a total shoulder replacement or an arthroscopy for a frozen shoulder, recovery does take time.

When shoulder surgery puts your life at a pause, recovery is essential for getting back to routine as soon as possible. Knowing what to expect from it and how long the recovery will take makes surgery seem a little less daunting.

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What to Expect During Shoulder Surgery Recovery?

To give you some peace of mind, here’s how the shoulder surgery in Richardson, TX, will look like. Recovering from shoulder surgery takes about six months, including the following phases:

Inpatient Recovery
Right after your shoulder surgery, you will be shifted into a recovery zone where you will be monitored till the sedation fades off. On the safe side, you are likely to be kept in here overnight. After you regain consciousness, your doctor will explain your pain management and methods to manage inflammation.

Because you will have stitches and bandages on your shoulder, the stitches may dissolve on their own, or most likely, the doctor will remove them in a week or so. Wear loose-fitting clothes, so you don’t have to move your arm while dressing.

Passive Physical Therapy
For a few weeks, a physical therapist will help you perform gentle exercises. It will create a range for the shoulder to move. Most importantly, never do these exercises independently, as the damaged tissues need support in movement unless advised by physical therapy themselves.

Active Physical Therapy
Once the internal healing is complete, you may begin rebuilding strength. During your third month in recovery, you can do exercises on your own to increase the flexibility in your arms.

Ongoing Maintenance
After gaining the strength, you may continue working with a physical therapist to reduce the risk of any internal damage.

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