What sports injuries can Eminent Medical Center treat?

What sports injuries can Eminent Medical Center treat?

Located at 1351 West President George Bush Highway in Richardson, Eminent Medical Center lives up to its name. The health care center is known as a premier treatment destination in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The facility, which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, is equipped to assist with an array of health needs. Among those are a whole host of sports-related injuries.

Eminent Medical Center is there when patients need help. The facility offers 24/7 emergency care, so there is an experienced medical professional available to provide treatment no matter when an injury occurs. Whether it is a twisted ankle during a Friday afternoon basketball game or a torn ligament suffered during a family Thanksgiving Day football game, top-notch help is available for sports injuries in Richardson TX and the surrounding area.

The medical facility is housed within a 26,000 square foot building where an array of services are offered. Eminent Medical Center offers a host of treatments beyond emergency care to deal with any sort of sports injury. Spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, total joint surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and pain management are just some of the services available within the state-of-the-art physician-owned and operated facility.

Among other things, Eminent Medical Center boasts three operating suites, a pharmacy, and laboratory. For those patients who need to spend time at the facility, there are relaxing patient rooms and nutrition services that are part of the center’s commitment to providing high-quality, personalized care. Meals can also, for a small fee, be ordered by the patient’s visitors.

Eminent Medical Center is conveniently located near a number of hotels and restaurants. This provides ample lodging and dining options for friends and family of patients who need to stay overnight.

The facility’s stated mission is, “To improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and our community through compassionate care, pursuit of excellence, and individualized boutique service.” This mission includes providing quality care for all types of sports injuries.

It is the goal of Eminent Medical Center to provide exemplary service. The center embraces the values of compassion, community, excellence, integrity, and respect. It is those values that guide its medical staff in their daily interactions with patients.

With its mission and core values, Eminent Medical Center has established itself as a leader in health care. It has established a top reputation for addressing sports injuries in Richardson TX and surrounding areas along with providing care for other health concerns.

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