What Is Recovery Like After Total Joint Replacement?

What Is Recovery Like After Total Joint Replacement?

Connective structures like joints play an important role in your body. These systemic components connect bones and enable you to perform a variety of movements. However, circumstances like age and conditions, such as physical injuries and medical ailments like arthritis could precipitate the damage and erosion of said structures. When such problems arise, you might experience pain and potentially significant mobility struggles.

Fortunately, however, said issues might be corrected through an orthopedic procedure known as total joint replacement. Eminent Medical Center, a premiere healthcare facility serving the residents of the Dallas, Fort Worth and Richardson TX regions, invites you to read the following brief blog discussing this operative process and what recovery after total joint replacement entails.

Total Joint Replacement

During this procedure, an orthopedic surgeon replaces an damaged or diseased joint in its entirety with an artificial structure called a prosthesis, which is usually comprised of materials like ceramic, plastic or metal. The majority of total joint replacements are performed on the hips and knees. However, replacements of other notable joints, such as the elbow, wrist, elbow and shoulder are not uncommon.

The Process Of Recovery After Total Joint Replacement

The length and course of your recovery will be dictated by the specific joint being replaced, the specific precipitating condition, your age, weight, general health and overall physical condition. That said, the recovery process for most procedures will occur over several stages, including:

The Immediate Post-Operative Period

After surgery, you will likely be required to remain in the hospital or clinic where your intervention was performed for at least a day or two. During this time, a team of healthcare professionals will monitor you vitals. When said medical staff believes your condition is stable, you will be discharged. If your condition was especially severe, a stint in a rehabilitation facility might be indicated.

Prior to discharge, however, you are likely to receive consultations from physical and occupational therapists. Physical therapy will be paramount to your recovery because these exercises will help you regain strength and mobility in the bodily component that was remediated. Occupational therapists will provide instruction regarding how to perform certain activities in the event your mobility is compromised for any discernible duration.

The Home Recovery Process

Upon returning home, you will likely be required to partake in therapeutic exercises to be performed on your own or with the assistance of a licensed physical therapist. Typically, post-operative pain should gradually diminish and your mobility should continue to improve as the healing process moves forward. Additionally, you will have several follow-up visits with your surgeon at which said medical professional can measure your progress and prevent any potential complications from developing.

It is difficult to gauge when you will be able to return to work, perform the activities you engaged in prior to your injury or illness or regain complete motion. This will depend upon how quickly you heal, how well you follow the instructions your doctor and therapists hand down and how physically demanding your job and leisure activities are.

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