What is recovery like after spine Surgery?

What is recovery like after spine Surgery?

Spinal surgery, of course, can be a dangerous and traumatic experience. Unfortunately, sometimes, thanks to illness or injury, it is necessary. Fortunately, most people who have can enjoy a full recovery after spine surgery, but often, the road to that recovery is long and arduous.

So, what is that recovery after spine surgery like?

First, depending on the nature and success of that surgery, it will take time to fully heal. Some surgeries – like a diskectomy – can be relatively quick and only take a few weeks before you are able to essentially resume your normal life. Other surgeries, like spinal fusion, can take many more weeks, or even months. During this time, you may experience significant discomfort or pain. You will almost certainly be unable to resume normal activities for some time, and you may find your ability to engage in things like lifting or exercising permanently reduced.

Second, you will likely need some sort of physical therapy. Again, the type of therapy that you need will vary based on your surgery, experience, and level of medical care. However, it is important that you stick with your at-home exercises as much as possible. Remember, those are prescribed to you to help you maintain your mobility, limit pain, and increase the speed of your recovery.

Speaking of pain, you will almost certainly experience some level of it after your surgery. Your doctor will most likely prescribe you with medication that you can use in order to keep your pain to a minimum. They will also tell you just how bad you should expect the pain to get, and at what point you should call for additional assistance or guidance. Remember to use the pain relief medication you are given by following the directions on the package and don’t forget to dispose of the medication properly when you have finished using it.

Fourth, you may need help changing your bandages or taking care of yourself. Again, this all depends on the type of surgery, but your surgical incisions may require regular wound care, including cleaning and changing. Of course, it will probably be impossible for you to change your own bandages, given their location on your back. As such, before your surgery, make sure you make arrangements to have a friend, family member, or medical professional help you with these important tasks.

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